Zhanbing Xiao
Ph.D. Candidate in Finance, 2017-
Sauder School of  Business
The University of British Columbia

Email: Zhanbing.Xiao@Sauder.ubc.ca



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Twitter: @zhanbingxiao

HA 391, 2053 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2

Welcome!  I will be on the 2022/2023 finance job market.

My research interests are ESG, big data, and financial institutions. 

Working Papers

  • Labor Exposure to Climate Change and Capital Deepening

          Highlight: Climate change accelerates automation in occupations exposed to rising temperatures. 

            Presentations: AFA 2023, AEA Poster Session 2023, FMA 2022, NFA 2022, Liechtenstein Workshop of Sustainable

              Finance 2022, UBC Summer Conference Poster Session 2022, LBS Trans-Atlantic Doctoral Conference (TADC) 2022,

              6th Shanghai-Edinburgh-London Green Finance Conference, China International Risk Forum (CIRF)  2022 , Financial

              Markets and Corporate Governance Conference 2022 (including scheduled).

              CIRF 2022 PhD Research Excellence Award

              Journal of Financial Markets, Revise & Resubmit

Selected Work-in-Progress