Working Papers

  • Agree to Disagree: Within-Syndicate Conflicts and Covenant Design (SSRN)(Slides)

          with Yongqiang Chu and Luca X. Lin.

Featured in: Duke GFMC FinReg Blog

Conferences33rd AFBC 2020, AEFIN 28th Finance Forum 2021, 33rd Asian FA Conference 2021.

  • The Industry Expertise Channel of Mortgage Lending (SSRN(Slides)

         with Yuxiang Zheng

Conferences: SWFA Annual Meeting 2021, 28th AEFIN PhD Mentoring Day 2021, 28th AEFIN Finance Forum 2021,  AAA Annual Meeting 2021, FMA Annual Meeting 2021, IBEFA-ASSA Annual Meeting 2022 (Scheduled), AFA Ph.D Poster Session 2022 (Scheduled).

  • Interest Rate Risk, Prepayment Risk and Banks' Securitization of Mortgages (SSRN(Slides)

Zhanbing Xiao (肖战兵)
Ph.D. Candidate in Finance, UBC Sauder


Curriculum Vitae


HA 391, 2053 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2


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Research Interests:

Financial Intermediation

Labor and Finance

Climate Finance

Household Finance

Featured in: All About Finance-World Bank Blogs

Conferences: 11th FMCG 2021; 37th AFFI 2021, 15th North American Meeting of the UEA; 1st Frontiers in International Finance and Banking,  34th AFBC, AFA Ph.D Poster Session 2022 (Scheduled), AREUEA Doctoral Session & Student Posters (Scheduled).

  • Lines of Credit, Two-Player Standby Liquidity (SSRN)(Slides)

         with Zhongyan Zhu. 

Conferences:  34th AFBC

  • The Lesser of Two Evils? Labor Skill and Loan Covenants

       with Luca X. Lin and Hernan Ortiz-Molina

Working in Progress

  • Climate Change, Employment and Investment

Older Working Papers

  • Smart Beta, "Smarter" Flows (SSRN)

       with Jie CaoJason Hsu, Linjia Song, and Xintong Zhan.