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Zhanbing Xiao

Postdoctoral Fellow,  

Harvard University, 2023 - 

Ph.D. in Finance, UBC, 2023



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Twitter: @zhanbingxiao

Research Interests:  

Climate Finance;  
Labor and Finance;


Joseph Aldy
Hernan Ortiz-Molina
Kai Li
Xin Zheng

Working Papers​

   - Labor Exposure to Climate Change and Capital Deepening (new draft coming soon)

           Presentations: AFA 2023, FIRS 2023,  AEA Poster Session 2023, Stanford Preparing for a Changing Climate  Conference 2023, 15th

           Annual Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability (ARCS) Ph.D. Workshop, NFA 2022, FMA 2022, FMA Doctoral Student

           Consortium 2022, LBS Trans-Atlantic Doctoral Conference (TADC)  2022, UBC Summer Conference Poster Session 2022, 35th

           Australian Finance and Banking Conference,  New Zealand Finance Meeting 2022, Liechtenstein Workshop of Sustainable Finance

           2022, 6th Shanghai-Edinburgh-London Green Finance Conference, China International Risk Forum (CIRF), Financial Markets

           and Corporate Governance Conference 2022.

           FIRS Ph.D. Student Award 2023; CIRF Ph.D. Student Research Excellence Award 2022; FMA Best Paper Award Semifinalist 2022

  - Balance of Rights of Liquidity Supply and Demand, with John C. Chu

​          Presentations: FMA European Conference 2022, 34th Australian Finance and Banking Conference

   The Industry Expertise Channel of  Mortgage Lending, with Yongqiang Chu  and Yuxiang Zheng

           Presentations: MFA 2023, Sydney Banking and Financial Stability Conference 2023, 36th Australian Finance and Banking Conference,            ​  ASSA-IBEFA Meetings 2022, AFA Ph.D. Student Poster Session 2022, FMA Annual Meetings 2021,  28th AEFIN Finance Forum,

           28th AEFIN Ph.D. Mentoring Day, AAA Annual Meetings 2021, SWFA Annual Meetings 2021


   - The Economic and Financial Impact of Negative Environmental and Social Practices: Evidence from        

        Consumers Store Visits, with Xin Zheng and Yuxiang Zheng

           Presentations: NFA 2023, UMass Boston Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, 15th Annual Alliance for Research on

           Corporate Sustainability (ARCS) Conference

   - Agree to Disagree: Within-Syndicate Conflicts and Covenant Design, with Yongqiang Chu and Luca X. Lin 

           Revise & Resubmit, Journal of Financial Intermediation

   Smart Beta, "Smarter" Flowswith Jie CaoJason Hsu, Linjia Song, and Xintong Zhan

Selected Work-in-Progress

   - Decarbonization, with Hernan Ortiz-Molina and  Xin Zheng

   - Hedging Climate Risks, with John C. Chu and Vaibhav Anand

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