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Zhanbing Xiao
Ph.D. Candidate in Finance, 2017-
Sauder School of  Business
The University of British Columbia



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Twitter: @zhanbingxiao

HA 884E, 2053 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T1Z2

Welcome!  I will be on the 2022/2023 finance job market.

My research interests are climate finance, ESG, big data, and financial institutions. 

Working Papers

         Highlight: Climate change accelerates automation in occupations exposed to rising temperatures. 

        Presentations: AFA 2023, AEA Poster Session 2023, 35th Australian Finance and Banking Conference, New Zealand                   Finance Meeting 2022, FMA 2022, FMA Doctoral Student Consortium 2022, NFA 2022, Liechtenstein Workshop of                   Sustainable Finance 2022, UBC Summer Conference Poster Session 2022, LBS Trans-Atlantic Doctoral Conference

          (TADC) 2022, 6th Shanghai-Edinburgh-London Green Finance Conference, China International Risk Forum (CIRF)  

          2022, Financial Markets and Corporate Governance Conference 2022 (including scheduled).

          FMA 2022 Semifinalist for Best Paper in Corporate Finance

          CIRF 2022 PhD Research Excellence Award

          Draft available upon request.

          Highlight: E&S-conscious households reduce consuming goods and services produced by firms violating E&S principles.

          Highlight: Information from the corporate loan market improves banks' screening and monitoring efficiency in the

           mortgage market.

          Highlight: Heterogeneities in lenders' relative equity-to-loan positions in a loan syndicate  affect covenant designs.

           Journal of Financial Markets, Revise & Resubmit

Selected Work-in-Progress

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